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Custom Peptide Service and Products

 Peptide Synthesis
 Peptide Library
 Peptide Array
 Catalog Peptides
 Peptide APIs
 Cosmetic Peptides
 Amino acids and Derivatives

Custom Peptide Modifications and Labeling

 C-terminal & N terminal modifications  Phosphopeptides/Sulfated Peptides
 Biotinylated and Tagged Peptides  Fluorescence and Dye
 Post-translation Modification(PTMs)  Fluorophore and Quencher Pairs
 Peptide With Special Amino Acid Modification  Multiple Antigenic Peptides (MAPs)
 Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides  Peptide Radioligands
 Peptide Conjugated KLH,BSA or OVA  Linker, Spacer and PEGylation
 Cyclic Peptides and Stapled Peptides  
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